Sunday, January 01, 2012

Starting Fresh with 2012....(sorta/kinda/maybe)

It's a New Year!
Much like Xmas or Boxing Day, even though a cynic would say that it's just another day--- I prefer to embrace the opportunity to feel that dates are symbolic, and that symbols can have importance and power-

So, given that---
And trying to take what I hope I've learned about juggling finances/time/family with creative pursuits (as well as what I can and can't complete on time)....

Neil Gaiman once said at comicon that there were two secrets to writing (and I take it as the same formula for creating comics and amateur films)---

#1: You must write.
#2: You must finish what you write.

Anyhow, with a new year, comes crazy asian new year's resolutions.... one of which will be getting past procrastination and other bad habits which derail me from getting things done-

So- anyhow....
Will be reporting on the sitch with Black Canary soon-
Will be putting up more inked (and re-drawn) Faith pages soon-
Will be writing more regularly on this blog on creative discoveries that I find/come across --- why?

Because stories and the process of creating them is/are the only sane thing that makes sense to me in a crazy world, and... why not? It's my blog, after all...

Happy New Year's to all!*

(*Well, except for a chosen few who I hope get run over by a truck and struck by lightning while eating bugs, but that's only a chosen few...)


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