Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I guess I could be embarrassed that the gap between my estimation of when I get things done, versus when they actually get done is bigger than the Grand Canyon, but I choose not to.

Recently watched the William Shatner "Captains" (yes, it's primarily a vanity project, but given that) interview film with himself & the other actors who've played captains for Star Trek, and a couple of interesting bits came out that didn't come as a total suprise, but was a suprise for the actors. One, was how much they realized how family life did (and didn't) have a higher priority versus their creative life. Another was how interesting a real character Avery Brooks is- and his attitude towards things (at least how he seemed in interacting with Shatner) ...pretty accepting of past mistakes as just 'truth' of what things are, rather than judging them in good/bad terms.

How does that relate? I have really chosen to help out with family issues more, and my own creative stuff less of late. That has affected things, more with irritation with promises that get broken over when I would deliver creative projects.

Having said that...(as Larry Charles would say from "Curb Your Enthusiasm")

* Yes, I STILL have been crawling forward, panel at a time with "Faith"--- No, I haven't sat on it.

* Yes, I AM still working on Black Canary--- but (and I've had this in the back of my mind for awhile) it may not necessarily be all live-action, like 'Kill Bill'. BC is a victim of too many ideas that I'm not sure of which one is the best to complete, not to mention all the life excuses I can throw at it. (Hey, I finished Vangelis and other film projects, so I generally DO finish things, ok?)

In any case, just like Faith, I don't want to dribble things out, but I will say that the storyboards for BC I think is developing REALLY nicely. Live action? Comic? 3d animation? Flash Animation? Cheapo motion comic? Dunno, but I know I like how it's coming along.

When it's finished, it's finished. So, that's all for the moment. Have a great holiday, all.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok, I suck at time estimates, as I've promised this quite awhile ago--- but hopefully better late than never...

Hope you all like. (If you don't, then the rest of this particular post may seem very silly or self-indulgent, but I'll assume that you do, and continue as if you do....) ;)

EDIT: 11:32am- Most of the computer glitches with the video have been finally fixed. *sigh*

Trailer Credits:
Black Canary - Ashley Buurma
Oracle/Barbara Gordon - Sharon Salazar
Young Black Canary - Sydney Salazar

Best Boys (Thug #1 and #2) - Wallace Der & Thomas Ho
Director - Crazy Asian Man/Harvey Chin
Director of Photography - Francis Der & Thomas Ho
Young Black Canary Wrangler - Jason Salazar
Makeup and Hair - Ashley Buurma
Costume Consultant - Eric and XBirds of PreyX
Black Canary Consultant - Jenna Waterford

Anyhow, yup, Wondercon coming around the corner was a good 'push' to complete the trailer. Shout out to Eric, Boran, Toby, Benton and Anson for their encouragement & of course Ashley Buurma, who's been a saint to put up with the ups and downs of getting this bus started for the last TWO (wow) YEARS!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day One (Of Three Hundred and Sixty Five) of a New Year!

[Let us hope] Happy New Years!
But before I start, a picture:

Because of my love for Star Trek, I cling to the classic tv lingo:
* Faith comic- Obviously not done yet
* Black Canary fan film - Obviously not done yet
* Character sketches for "Beyond Forever" studios new project
* Breakfast: One Turkey Dog with condiments and aspirin

* What the f@#$???? IT'S BEEN TWO YEARS+ NOW!!!
I know.... juggling family & money & energy & health has been more of a challenge than ever before, one year it was the health stuff, another year a new baby born to the fold, undoubtedly things will be more challenging as life goes on. I do want to finish it before Wondercon this year, though. (With apologies to Kristy)

* I do finish what I start. Black Canary has been the worst/best, partly because of the experience with "Vangelis" (which is a mixed bag best left for a different post)--- partly because I'm extremely critical myself when it comes to comic book film (or video) adaptations. Sadly, producing anything means either: (a) money or (b) being able to be resourceful enough to get people to be able to swap or lend you stuff.

In the last couple of years, people have been under a lot of stress emotionally (and economically) and the timing is more difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. (On the plus side, I still have the green screen frame in the back)

* Just to keep myself going, (and keep this updated), decided to combine my semi-personal blog w/this creative blog for this year. At least for the time being. Will see how it goes.

* Visualize Green! (Not just for the environment, but for crazy asian money to be coming forth!) GREEN! GREEN!

In keeping with the Star Trek theme of the day:
Prosper, and live long if you do.
If not,
Live long, and take a valium if you need to.

Make it so!