Sunday, January 29, 2012


Eventually I'll create a post to detail why and how I got into this mess of how I blew my own deadlines (repeatedly) over the "Faith" comic. But.... some of the pages I wasn't too happy about, in the midst of re-drawing/touching up & laying out the rest of the pages--- anyhow, looks to be about 50 pages total. Yikes. But, an end looks to be in sight, now!

Black Canary? Don't ask me yet. It ain't dead, though. (At least, not quite yet)


benton jew said...

I sense you made a New Years resolution to "get things done--this time for sure" this year. Good for you! You've certainly been keeping up with your blog a lot more regularly as well!

crazy_asian_man said...

Thanks Benton! You've always been generous with your encouragement- thanks! I'm definitely trying to get my act a bit more together, I'm determined to complete these half-started projects out this year, (You have no idea how many other creative projects I REALLY want to start on--- so, it's definitely incentive to get these out of the way this year!) ;)