Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Tim Burton Planet of the Apes, Discovering Community in 2011 & creating the League of Extraordinary Writers in 2012

Had a GREAT (when I say 'great'- of course it means I think it's great, which, since it's my blog, it's good enough)idea for a Tim Burton version of "Planet of the Apes" this morning...

Now, I'm talking about that confusion 'what the hell is THIS?' movie that Tim Burton directed years back with the Rick Baker makeup and a megamillion budget (Is Hollywood part of the 1%? Who knows? I just know that I will be pissed off if the Occupy movement occupies my favorite movie theatres).

Anyhow- thinking about that wonderful Tim Burton spirited version of Planet of the Apes I'd write for Tim led to me realize how much I was missing MAKING time to write as a priority, much as missing MAKING time to draw fell off the map several times in the past when I stupidly brought portfolios to comic conventions and let my spirit get decimated by reviewers, give up drawing & writing altogether and focus on being practical by being a miserable accountant for the rest of my life. (Which didn't quite work itself, how sad is that?)

Anyhow- that thought led to thinking about the writing groups that I'd gather together now and then- that had short life spans, but during those life spans- they were pretty successful in getting people out of their creative closets and getting back to that dream screenplay or novel or comic that they were always were dreaming of completing in their youth.

Anyhow- that thought led to me thinking about "Community"- a wonderful show reccomended to me by a good friend - that has evolved into a sort of "Mel Brooks meets College Drama" show, where now just about every movie or tv genre is the basis for an episode. While extremely enjoyable, the one serious thought brought about in an episode was the idea that a person is shown to live longer being IN a community than not.

Anyhow- that leads me to my goal to getting free of a lot of junk that has bogged my creative life down--- internally and externally- and reforming a local "League of Extraordinary Writers".

And, unlike other posts talking about creative goals and deadlines in 2009-2011--- this year, the idea is to actually catchup and achieve them. *sigh*

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