Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok, I suck at time estimates, as I've promised this quite awhile ago--- but hopefully better late than never...

Hope you all like. (If you don't, then the rest of this particular post may seem very silly or self-indulgent, but I'll assume that you do, and continue as if you do....) ;)

EDIT: 11:32am- Most of the computer glitches with the video have been finally fixed. *sigh*

Trailer Credits:
Black Canary - Ashley Buurma
Oracle/Barbara Gordon - Sharon Salazar
Young Black Canary - Sydney Salazar

Best Boys (Thug #1 and #2) - Wallace Der & Thomas Ho
Director - Crazy Asian Man/Harvey Chin
Director of Photography - Francis Der & Thomas Ho
Young Black Canary Wrangler - Jason Salazar
Makeup and Hair - Ashley Buurma
Costume Consultant - Eric and XBirds of PreyX
Black Canary Consultant - Jenna Waterford

Anyhow, yup, Wondercon coming around the corner was a good 'push' to complete the trailer. Shout out to Eric, Boran, Toby, Benton and Anson for their encouragement & of course Ashley Buurma, who's been a saint to put up with the ups and downs of getting this bus started for the last TWO (wow) YEARS!