Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Weaning down on junk; Prepping for next year

As this year starts to wrap up, trying NOT to think about how much the world globally seems like it's headed down the toilet, environmentally. I'd visited China once several years ago, and in visiting it, was pretty horrified by how you could almost taste the pollution in the air (plus the humidity doesn't help) and the scary fact that even in the five star hotels that were part of our tour package, that you couldn't drink anything but bottled water, or you'd die.

Ugh... and the more details of course can make one feel so helpless that you'd never want to get out of bed.

Was impressed, looking at the Dark Horse trade paperback for CONCRETE volume 5, that environmental issues are tackled head-on in that comic... There's this gnawing feeling, but there's been this gnawing feeling since I was 8 years old on how the world would destroy itself through pollution, so how much energy can one devote to that before crawling into a fetal position and giving up?

What's the point of that?
Well, aside from all that making one feel like their life is small and insignificant, I guess it's good to take a perspective of the bottle half-full, regardless of how long/short one's life is.

The cliche 'every day is a gift' doesn't hold much weight unless one is threatened with a life-threatening situation that cuts deep.

Well, just like global warming seemed like a bit of a vague theory to many in the world years ago, so does the idea of not being able to see tommorrow's sunrise in your own life. Rather than wait for that concept to crash down one day, maybe it's good to see the truth in it right away: today may be the last day of your life, and live each day like that.

For me, that means weaning down on a lot of junk- and prepping for next year, with high hopes.


benton jew said...

Hard to be optimistic with the current administration in power.
Even if we curd global warming, Dubya would find some way to screw it up ( like get us into yet another war ). People seem to be taking it more seriously with the film "An Inconvienient Truth". Another film that came out recently was "Who Killed The Electric Car?". It showed we could really make a difference with alternative sources of energy--but there just needs to be the will.

crazy_asian_man said...

Just saw this reply....but....what's so sweet is that America got its head out of its arse and voted against Hitler's party this time around the nation....YEAHHHH!

Optimism on the way.... :)