Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Superman Too

I'm SOOOO freaking monkey crazy happy that the "Richard Donner Cut" of Superman 2 is coming out.

The first Superman Movie has a lot of memories associated with it, one of which is that it also was a first date movie, but was funny how, even though it was an imperfect movie (The Luthor as goofball always pissed me off--- though I NEVER thought that any comic creator designed Luthor well as Criminal mastermind to counter Superman. But that's another post)- I still loved the crap out of so many scenes that had some silly 'magic' to the way it was cast, shot, and edited, that I could many of those sequences over and over again.

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In fact, the more I saw the film, the more I grew to really love some sequences and ignore the crappy scenes, and was getting more and more excited about the sequel. If nothing else, there was also a sense of this being the FIRST superhero movie to go "all out" (and would be for awhile until "Batman" years later) budget wise and production wise, and I just ate it all up. I could only imagine how awesome the sequel would be.

WELL... then they canned the original director (Richard Donner) and threw out a lot of the great stuff and put in a lot of cheap and stupid crap in it. For awhile, I even was compelled to re-edit (using two vcrs) a better version to get a sense of how Donner's original version SHOULD have felt. (and even tortured some friends to view this 'harv cut' of the film).

But... because of litigation with Marlon Brando and no real incentive for Warner Bros. to revisit the film, I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the movie would NEVER get recut and the original scenes never restored. I did obtain a copy of the 'original' script and it was pretty good--- so to have WB FINALLY recut this film is nothing short of parting the Red seas cinematically in my op.... though I'm already a little wary because the editor himself isn't the original editor and I'm a little scared from some footage already shown that look a little slapped together.

But. Still. Hell, it's finally coming out. And I can't wait.

In the meantime.... coincidentally taking on a challenge from an old friend... ; )
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