Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First 'REAL'! Post

Hello again!
Due to some prompting by an old friend, am actually starting up this new blog at blogger... this time for 'real'!

Who am I?
I'm a crazy asian guy who is returning back to a life of creativity, and kinda really digging it.
I feel like Captain Kirk at the end of "Wrath of Khan" (by far the best Trek film of all time imo), where Shatner looks to the stars and says, "I feel....(dramatic pause) YOUNG. I feel young!"

Life hasn't exactly made creativity easy, in fact, it's stalled a lot of creative growth because family and job situations have taken me so far from anything creative that a lot of skills have gotten rusty or not used.

I used to draw (Or doodle). I used to write (Or come up with stuff). And I've made short films (ok, videos) that I have always learned a bit more and more on.

Now, I'm more committed. In recently years, I've faced a lot of mortality issues (I thought for awhile I didn't have long to live due to some mis-diagnosises) and rather than depressing me, I'm embracing the fact that life isn't forever and diving into taking out the ol' drawing board and writing pad and videocamera and diving in full force and loving a lot of it. If you're not diving into taking steps forward to your dreams, why wade through the difficult stuff in life? My op.

Currently, I've got quite a few pro-bono projects going on all at once. Would love it if it paid the bills, but if it's not, it's totally ok, because the more one does, the better one HAS to get.

Filmmaking guy Robert Rodriguez had a theory that everyone has to do about 100 rotten films and screenplays to do good.

That's pretty much what I'm working on, but throw in comic book work as well. I got a loooooong way to go. But that's ok.
This journal will focus on me sharing my work and my attempts to stick to my commitments of getting better.

So, let the games begin! :)

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