Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Prolonged Process of Making Any Fan Film

Yesterday eve, went searching through old webjournals and hardcover notebooks to assemble a 'timeline' for that fan film project that still languishes in postproduction.

In looking back and poring through some of the wild emotions whilst holding the last project together (which is more about being a manager/scheduler than a creative person it seems), I'm really glad that I kept a personal journal, because it's too easy to forget all the invisible strokes, fears, and pains that no one else sees when you ask what their opinion is of the final product.

On a fan film where you're not rich and everything is stacked like dominoes according to the charity of other people you may or may not know, it's easy to forget what a battle it is to just get everyone together at one time and have the camera not do strange malfunctiony things at each step of the way. (Or have a prop or a person or a set do strange malfunctiony things, for that matter.)

Not that it's that important for someone else to know, but it's always good to remember when you're doing a post-mortem on how to do the next project better.

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