Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Hobbit and taking a chance....

Well--- Started the first week of the new year ignoring my health resolutions, but at least catching "The Hobbit" on the magnificent supersize screen (non-3d, but far far better than Liemax) in town & actually committing to being on a waitlist for a (drumroll) return to school. First off: My own impressions on "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Prequel".... Short review is: Good film, was thrilled to read that Peter Jackson was directing again, as I had big love for his "Lord of the Rings" movie adaptations. It was also fun trying to play 'hmm...where is the Guellerman De Toro influences' bits to myself. (Ironically, had a great 'trailer pre-show' with the same Del Toro's "Pacific Rim", Nolan/Sndyder's "Man of Dark Steel" and Gigi Abrams' "Star Trek into Darkness"). Was great to see Sir Ian McKellan & Andy Sirkus come back (as Gandalf and the Gollum, who really steals the show once again- really, there shoulda been a spinoff: "the Gollum monologues", if you're reading this, Peter J.) In fact the best bits involved seeing cast members pop up and return from the Lord of the Rings movies--- and- while the 'new' cast is fine.... the lesser bits involved a lot of exposition and setup involving them. While I enjoyed the extended editions a lot, I have to admit that on first viewing, "The Hobbit" really could have lost about 20-30 minutes towards the beginning and I would have been fine with that. But, still, at least it's nowhere near the horribly disappointing movie experience that was "The Dark Knight Rises (badly)". On another note- After much lagging and stagnation with my projects, decided to 'dive in' and actually commit to going back to school to take a filmmaking class again on the side. I have to admit--- There's something both encouraging and paralyzing about putting stuff up on the internet. I used to have a lot more output when I was making student films, and far less so after "Vangelis" and--- well, yeah, even more of a mess (my fault) with "Black Canary" not even reaching the finish line. So- Yeah. Will see if I get into the class and see if it helps... or hurts. Eh. Like I like to say: "What doesn't kill you.... doesn't kill you." :)

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