Sunday, January 06, 2013

Peter David Stroke???

Now and then when I actually peruse the web (not very often in the last few months, mainly use the internet to check any emails from my work)--- I usually pop on over to friends' work/blogs/videos when I can. In surfing a little bit, got a huge shock when I went to blog, talking about 'helping out Peter David'---I was curious. What did that mean? Then I went to (a site I've put in my links and often visit) and found a few posts detailing Peter David's stroke while on vacation on his family for this new year... and almost fell out of my seat. The posts resonate on a lot of levels. Hopefully he makes a full recovery, but from what the posts are saying, it doesn't sound likely. Been mulling over what now seems like minor irritations today... hearing about a health issue of this magnitude about someone that you admire and imagine is a bit of an icon and isn't all that old is a great way to wake one up and get perspective again. Worst possible way (to say the least) for them to start a new year. Wish his family the best and for his health to return as much as possible.

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