Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Starting again.... from the ground up. How DO you become any good at BOTH writing and drawing, if you're not even 100% (or 50%?) at one?

Being impatient for results; not having enough access to art teachers that I needed in the past; and not having a community of folks that wanted to pursue the same thing led to me pretty much trying to make it up as I went along.

That worked fine for some who became professional artists who are self-taught.... But I bounced in/out of illustration so many times, and saw so little progress, (and life was lacking in other things), that there just wasn't enough joy in it to keep at it.

It's definitely hard to stay committed to something if you feel like it's going nowhere. I had spotty encouragement, but too often/more often than not, I felt like I was spinning in space without a foothold or real solid opportunity to get anywhere.

So, this time.... I need to empty the cup and start fresh in both writing and drawing. I need to be more well read. I need to draw more regularly until my eyes fall out and my fingers are unable to continue.

Tonight, there's a free writer's group, I'm curious about. Will see how it goes... though I need to remind myself that I have to find the mindset that'll keep me producing no matter what any feedback might be to what I do.

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