Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pencilled Faith

Yeah.... Well.... It's not inked, and it took forever, and it's not quite done yet--- I suffered too much from a case of procrastination, too many projects, and too many life interferences and honestly not enough inking practice. BUT... It's sat on the shelf long enough- On the recommendation of an artist I respected, (and Kristy's blessing) I'm putting up the pencilled version of Kristy's Faith story. Hope ye like the rough version.


Anson Jew said...

Wow! Somebody's been busy! Nice work! Nice buildings!

crazy_asian_man said...

Thanks, Anson- you're too kind, though! :)

I know I need to commit more time into drawing and research if I ever really want to expect to improve, but hopefully the more I hit the drawing board, the more it's likely to happen!

Anyhow- also thanks also for sharing your blog, it's inspiring and I always learn a lot from it! :)