Tuesday, May 07, 2013

APRIL recap/ Jerry Ordway out of work.... What the heck?

First- yeah, I'll be fixing the formatting/pictures for the previous post soon. In the meantime... April- Was the break & I was planning on taking the "Animation with a Professional" class as a way to also push myself to complete the Black Canary animation short project I was mentioning that would sub the live-action one. Anyhow- Because it was all about Flash, I dropped the class (for good or bad). Fell back a bit into the funk- not good- In short, I was happy to: (1) FINALLY complete the idea I had in my head for a short film for years, but sat on--- and (2) that I was able to make it 'better' than I had previously felt good, and (3) that most of it was shot on my ipad 3 and got good response, made me feel good, too. May- Starting up. I am very tempted (although it will be a FAST shoot) to do a kungfu film one day a week. New script. I have an interested actor and possibly kungfu students, but will see. Not 'greenlit' in my head quite yet. On another note, I was trying to find OLD comic fanzines that I threw out, and see if they were available for sale on the internet--- and came across Jerry Ordway's blogspot- and was shocked shocked shocked to find out that: (1) he wasn't as rich as Jim Lee or Chris Claremont (or John Byrne) even though he worked in the 'gold rush' time of comics. (2) he was still a freelancer with no health insurance from a company (3) he was more/less cut OFF from work from DC via poiitics. And then- a number of professionals clamored similar stories. To me, it was a dream job growing up. I wanted to break into Marvel/DC- it was an obsession....but.... I simply was not a good enough artist, and didn't know how to improve (despite searching for teachers/taking classes that might help). I sat back and saw fan artists in fanzine become pros like Jerry Ordway, and just hang back in envy/frustration. I went another path after banging my head against the wall too many times, but I was envying this artist to no end--- And now? Now..... I'm shaking my head in disbelief. He has the rug pulled out from under him- but I never could even get the rug. Wow. Hm...

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