Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black Canary Fan Film Project - Blog 009: Origins & Progress

These are excerpts from the (rebooted) origin of the Black Canary, written by Alan Bennett, art by Joe Staton & Dick Giordano.

It's actually the version that we're planning on using. Don't get me started on the issue of reboots in comics- I don't mind them, but the frequency has been happening so often, it makes making any real creative attachment to any of the comics very unnappealing. Chris Claremont reportedly had been on 'X-men' as a writer voluntarily for 17 years straight- and while it's not perfect, the sense of something personal inevitably has to be part of the project, that makes the project far more interesting.

Anyhow- getting a team together in front/behind cameras is tricky. In many ways, the hours spent in hunting and tracking down comrades of like enough mind always reminds me of 'The Seven Samurai' or (the western remake) 'the Magnificent Seven' or (the scifi remake) 'Star Wars: A New Hope', wherein one gathers companions to embark on a journey with many unknowns.

But--- no matter what, it's an adventure to get to a certain destination creatively. Especially in these relatively darker times, going from the day to day life of work (or looking for work, depending on your situation) to a time of just joining others to create a waking dream in the form of video film--- it's like (at times) stepping into another dimension of make believe for awhile with others who don't mind helping out/joining you for the journey.

It may not pay the rent, but to me, in ways, it pays the creative soul in other ways.
It's something.

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