Thursday, October 29, 2009

Black Canary Fan Film Project - Blog 004: A Canary and her Hog

BC on her hog---

And...Black Canary and her bike in the silver (or bronze?) age DC comics. (Art copyright DC comics, of course.)

Anyhow, shooting hopefully will begin in a few weeks.
The odd thing is how much of short (or long) filmmaking deals with having to do so many TEDIOUS things to even get to start filmming. But that's the way it goes, for million dollar films and one dollar films. (We're somewhere in between those two categories)

In an ideal world, we'd be having Black Canary doing amazing stuff on the motorcycle- but given that our playground is limited, and my ability to pay actors' hospital bills is next to nil--- we're not going to be having any realistic Jackie Chan-like stunts in the BC short(s).

But---to not have ANY appearance of a Harley Davison... well...

Not having BC's bike, is like having the Lone Ranger without his horse, Batman without his Batmobile, or Speed Racer without his Mach 5.

BC can do her kickarse martial arts without a motorcycle, but there are a few touchstones that, to me, scream out 'Black Canary', and the Harley-Davison is one of them.

So, BC's bike has to be in there somehow. We'll figure something out. Stay tuned...

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