Friday, November 14, 2008

Faith fan comic book- installments #1-5 - Update Jan 2009

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Character of Faith the Vampire Slayer, copyright 20th Century Fox
Story copyright Kristy Bratton 2000-2009
Art copyright Harvey Chin 2008-2009

*UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT: February 8th, 2009
Hey all,
Thanks for checking this comic by Kristy and myself out. Some family tragedy has struck this year, and may be in limbo for the time being. I may or may not be in condition at that time to draw more pages and upload them- but want to let you know that if all goes well, that Kristy's comic WILL be finished--- I hate projects that just dangle there without
information on what's happening. Therefore, hopefully there will be more pages in July 2009 on a more regular basis. Sorry for the interruption, and thank you so much for your interest in our project. Best, Harv (Crazy Asian Man)

Introduction by Kristy Bratton, co-creator of
November 18th, 2008

Hi guys,

Harvey's going to allow me to offer a little back-story as to how this
comic came about, and maybe it'll answer a few questions for you. It was originally written as a TV script for a virtual web series called “Faith: Redemption” created by a university film student in England. The web series ran for two years before he sadly abandoned the project. The series ran as fully written scripts that fans could read. I wrote two scripts for the series and this story, which was originally titled “Underworld” was part of the story arc in Season 2.

The web series began towards the end of Buffy and not much was known about the future of where Buffy would go after the end of Sunnydale, most fans thought she would go to Cleveland. Still the creators of the web series took Faith to NYC where she teamed up with Darius (who has his own rich history, a little gets touched upon in Underworld) to fight the vampire corporation, yes, ala W&H… but there’s a lot of history that went on there, too much to fill you in on unfortunately.

When I converted the script from a TV version to a comic version I made a lot of changes; had to cut out almost 25-pages of story/dialogue, changed a few characters (took Kate out and brought Fred in, to update the story) but kept the feel and locations of New Orleans which added a nice departure from the NYC storylines. In making this a stand alone story with Harvey I discovered it was actually the middle story of a three-parter!

The first part being the set-up at to how Faith and Darius got together and the third part as to how they solidify their relationship and their future. Those stories haven’t been written yet… but maybe… ;)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the story!

(*NOTE:*12.23.08 update: (SCROLL down for pages 1-14 of the comic)
So.... this is the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th installments, hope to try to have a few pages every month until the finale. If you have difficulty reading the comic, click on the image to 'supersize' it! Thanx!)

After by Crazy Asian Man Harvey Chin (me):
November 14th, 2008

About 2 years ago, Kristy Bratton, who is/was one of the creators of, was SO generous to help me out in trying to get some audience for "Vangelis", (not to mention hooking me up a LOT of other times when I needed it- and just being a great and cool person in general), that I had offered to offer my pencils to work with her to try to do a comics adaptation of her "Faith" fan script "Redemption".

And major thanx to Simon at Whedonesque! - These fan projects are done in hopes that people enjoy them, so feedback means that I'm grateful that people took the time out to try it out! See you next time! (February 15th, 2009)



Skytteflickan88 said...

I really like this. Keep them coming.

crazy_asian_man said...

Thanks, Caroline! Will put out these as long as is possible! :)

Andrew said...

Really awesome comic so far. Can't wait to see what happens next (and that's got to be a good sign). However, I must admit I thought the black and white version looked cooler than the coloured one. There was something kinda classy about the black and white version.

crazy_asian_man said...

Thanks Andrew, that's very kind of you! Whether anyone likes or dislikes it, after the work put in by Kristy and myself- I just want to know how this works/doesn't work for people and hope that it's enjoyed!

Thanks again!

Pryce said...

I love this. Trust me I know how much work this takes (started to write a Faith series myself but didn't have time for it) so I respect you for it.

I agree with Andrew; the black and whie version looks "cooler". However I think the colored one is better for keeping readers engaged.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I think you guys did a great job. Love the art and the story left me wanting more. So... awesome job!


crazy_asian_man said...

Thanks for commenting, Pryce and Jes- and thanks for the kind words. Speaking for myself, feedback is the only way to know whether or not anyone else out there in the world is actually enjoying the work or not, and knowing that others enjoy it. helps make it more worth the effort to keep going.

Pryce, I appreciate what you're saying, too--- and it feels good to hear. The creative field is SOOO competitive and sniping at other creators seems to be the norm and not the exception, that it's even more gratifying to hear words of support and encouragement from people who know what the effort is to try to write* or draw one of these things.

(* Though I can't take any credit for Kristy's script, but I'm glad that she allowed me the opportunity to illustrate it as much as I can. )

Thanks again, and I hope you'll let us know how you feel about the rest of the comic as it goes on! :)

There are some who call me... Tim said...

Wow... nice.

crazy_asian_man said...

thanks, Tim! :)

Kristy Bratton said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the feedback on the Faith comic! All your comments are really important. It's been fun working with Harvey on this project. He's a talented artist and we've gotten to kick around a lot of ideas for the story, which was fun to write. There's a lot of New Orleans history in it, so look for that, and a bunch of kewl Faith of course. Some great cameos coming too! :)


Andres said...

OMFG! this is the coolest thing i've seen!!!! this is just what i wanna see for a long time ago, my faith in her own story, thabk u so much, keep the amazing work!

benton jew said...

Welcome back to the comics world! Nice work, Harv!

crazy_asian_man said...

Thanks Andres! Glad you like it so far, hope you'll keep checking in until this story finishes! :)

crazy_asian_man said...

Benton- thanks for the compliment, man. It means a lot, coming from you.

I know I have a long way to catchup in drawing, from being out for so long... but, hey, I figure it's better late than never- I hope! ;)

Comic Corner said...

i love comics!

ChristianNYC said...

Oh My God, THANK you for doign This!!! I am a HUGE Faith the Slayer fan. Moreso than Buffy

This is the coolest thing I have ever read. Please for the love of Faith fans kepp doing them!!

crazy_asian_man said...

ChristianNYC, thanks for the kudos, I'm a bit embarrassed that the comic book installments have been coming out painfully slow--- Everytime I think I've juggled life well enough to have a regular schedule to work on it, other matters get in the way. Only two projects are on my docket to HOPEFULLY finish this year: Black Canary (which hopefully will be completed before the next Wonderful) and Faith (which also I hope can be finished before then as well).
In any case, keeping at me helps push harder to get this graphic novel finished- so thanks! :)