Saturday, December 08, 2007

crazy asian rotoscope man/ Superman 2 special edition

Haven't updated in awhile: crazy uninteresting family matters I won't bore you all with.

On the creative side, I've been getting addicted to learning Aftereffects and have been tooling around with rotoscoping and compositing- it's been really fun learning what's possible and cleaning up one of THE biggest giant disappointments of my childhood: the Superman 2 film.

In my teen years, I'd obsess about 'fixing' that film using the old vcr-to-vcr method of barbaric analog editing: now, with Aftereffects and Final Cut Pro (not to mention more advanced 3d programs)- I've been falling in love with how to 'fix' that film as best possible... may take awhile, but on the plus side, more practice is better.

The challenge has been how to find enough available footage of Superman and the Phantom Zone Criminals (as well as background elements) that can work to do a 'George Lucas' to the film.... and without reusing the same damn shot over and over and over again (though I aleady know it's unavoidable as there are so few 'flying' shots of the criminals in that film.)

Anyhow, here are two tests I've done so far.

Hope all are well and wish y'all a great holiday... looking forward to '08!


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Thanks Benton! I just wish all this cool video technology was available to us when we were teenagers... (*sigh*)...o well...