Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's been awhile- but it's also been EXTREMELY creative! (Yea me!)

It's been a long time since the last post- Mucho changes going on in my personal life which I won't bore anyone with- BUT... Creatively- It's been REEEEALLY pretty good, albeit extremely slow. Lots of research for two titles that I've been working on and hope to self-publish by August or September. One is a martial arts one- but one that I hope is different enough from what's been out there- Sadly, a LOT of asian comics seem to end up in the 'clearance' rack at comic shops and wrestling with the right approach and concept that I hope has some appeal. After all- It's not Marvel. It's not DC. It's not Dark Horse- Yet- It's not Manga either. But, anyways, it's been a LONG time percolating. The second one is a somewhat more lighthearted fare that is having a few concept problems, but I like the characters. Anyhow- On another note: Going to be what looks like a really fun (I hope!) summer at the movies. Really enjoyed (though not quite as tight as the Dark Knight) the new Captain America movie--- Scarjo has never exactly been my choice for Widow (especially since Emily Blunt was originally cast and is by far a better choice imo) but I admit that for her version of Widow, this film put her to best use & Marvel has been REALLY smart in realizing that the supporting cast is just as important to the appeal of their Marvel properties as is the lead character. Batroc? Black Widow? Falcon? How cool is that in a Captain America movie? Anyhow--- The worry comes that the title I have in mind, that someone else will come in first before I reach the publication date. Oh well... will see...

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