Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day One (Of Three Hundred and Sixty Five) of a New Year!

[Let us hope] Happy New Years!
But before I start, a picture:

Because of my love for Star Trek, I cling to the classic tv lingo:
* Faith comic- Obviously not done yet
* Black Canary fan film - Obviously not done yet
* Character sketches for "Beyond Forever" studios new project
* Breakfast: One Turkey Dog with condiments and aspirin

* What the f@#$???? IT'S BEEN TWO YEARS+ NOW!!!
I know.... juggling family & money & energy & health has been more of a challenge than ever before, one year it was the health stuff, another year a new baby born to the fold, undoubtedly things will be more challenging as life goes on. I do want to finish it before Wondercon this year, though. (With apologies to Kristy)

* I do finish what I start. Black Canary has been the worst/best, partly because of the experience with "Vangelis" (which is a mixed bag best left for a different post)--- partly because I'm extremely critical myself when it comes to comic book film (or video) adaptations. Sadly, producing anything means either: (a) money or (b) being able to be resourceful enough to get people to be able to swap or lend you stuff.

In the last couple of years, people have been under a lot of stress emotionally (and economically) and the timing is more difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. (On the plus side, I still have the green screen frame in the back)

* Just to keep myself going, (and keep this updated), decided to combine my semi-personal blog w/this creative blog for this year. At least for the time being. Will see how it goes.

* Visualize Green! (Not just for the environment, but for crazy asian money to be coming forth!) GREEN! GREEN!

In keeping with the Star Trek theme of the day:
Prosper, and live long if you do.
If not,
Live long, and take a valium if you need to.

Make it so!


Toby said...

Harvey, good to see you still going for it. Keep working hard. Let me know whats going on. Cheers!

crazy_asian_man said...

Hey Toby,
Always great to hear from you- hope you are doing well!

As far as my projects go, I don't want to speak too soon, but if all goes well I'll be able to have some good news to report before Wondercon in a couple of weeks!