Wednesday, November 29, 2006

RIP Dave Cockrum

Mr.Cockrum, you will be missed.


benton jew said...

Dave Cockrum was the great superhero costumer of the supergroups! Sad for his loss.

On a different know of course, we are awaiting your review of the Superman 2 ( Donner cut )

crazy_asian_man said...

Hey Benton!
Sorry I didn't respond earlier... I'm still trying to get used to this blog space and don't always stop by.

Cockrum I agree wasn't just one of the great modern superhero designers- I also thought in his Legion run, that his faces and his inking style was just so unique and 'alive' that this run always had a soft spot for being his best work,

With "X-men" and his later Marvel work, I thought things started to really deteriorate- Slowly, then progressively worse (probably due to his illness, I'm sure). by the time he did his own creations (Futurians), I thought his stuff just got reallllllly sloppy and hard to read.

Oddly, I don't think he really does have a great body where he was at the 'top of his game', but glad that he was able to get credited (on the dvd at least) for the characters he created on the 'X-men 3" dvd and some compensation from Marvel before he died.

On a different note:
My review of Superman II: The Donner Cut:


I can't believe Michael Thau is a professional editor in Hollywood (but then again, I can't believe Mark Steven Johnson is a professional movie director in Hollywood based on his film crimes against humanity, either!)--- o man.

Expect: Superman II: The Crazy Asian Cut very soon!
(You haven't moved, right?) ;)

crazy_asian_man said...

Ough... the 'edit reply' feature here bites!

When I said, "Oddly, I don't think he really does have a great body where he was at the 'top of his game',"

I meant GREAT BODY OF WORK, I have no idea (nor interest) whether or not Dave Cockrum had a great body in his lifetime. *ahem*, with all due respect.